You are Order and I am Chaos...

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2006. Dimensions: Mosaic: 50' diameter; Mural: 34' x 10'.
Mosaic: high impact rubberized surfacing; Mural: acrylic paint

This project was commissioned by the New Haven Office of Cultural Affairs as part of their Percent for Art program, and was done in collaboration with David M. Twidle (Artist), and Davis, Brody & Bond (AIA). The building is the John C. Daniels School in New Haven, CT. The original proposal encompassed the whole courtyard, but because of budget issues, it was gradually reduced to a floor mosaic and a mural. Artist David M. Twidle was invited to design a mural that would harmonize with the building and the mosaic as a whole. The design elements used to execute both pieces have all grown out of the building's own geometry, and the relationship between them is one of contention and interaction, as they use similar elements in different ways--the mural pushing out its different shapes and colors, and the mosaic containing them within. This is an allusion to the processes of building spaces, and building minds. They are both processes in which seemingly antithetical elements, like order and chaos, shape each other and learn to coexist. You can see the satelite picture of the site by clicking here.

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