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2006. Dimensions: 1 ft.3 per unit.
Wood, resin, mixed media

Eighty-one portable altars, each containing a statue within it. These eighty-one statues are, in turn, twenty-seven identical trios of statues. The iconographic programs for these 27 originals were inspired by 27 individuals who are either significant to me, or who have caused some sort of meaningful impression on me. These altar-units merge into one larger altar, and this altar will be set up in various parts of the city. The quantity of altar-units, and their arrangement will be determined by the architecture of the setting until one final arrangement in which all of the units will be in one place for the last time. After this, they will disperse. 27 seven altars will go to the people who inspired them, another 27 will go to the commercial art world, and the last 27 will be kept by me, for some time, for documentation purposes. Through this, I hope to touch on themes of continuity, interconnectedness, and impermanence.

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