Sri Pada

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1999. Dimensions: 4' diameter.
Resin, mixed media

For this piece I decided to expand on an earlier piece dealing with the Sri Pada. I went begging for "alms" through the studios of all the artists that were participating in the exhibition. The donations were different objects which they had used in their art, either directly or indirectly, and varied greatly: toy soldiers, paint rags, flowers, etc. I then encased these objects inside miniature stupas and used these to form the Sri Pada. Viewers were allowed, but not necessarily informed, to take a stupa with them. The piece dissolved, not by accident, but through the purposeful act of generosity. This interpretation of impermanence (or "anicca" in Pali) is more particular to Buddhism than the one given to it in the West, which tends to be seen as some sort of final dissolution. In this case the piece takes on a new form, and has the potential for further mutation.

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