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1995. Dimensions: 10" x 6" x 8".
Mixed media; hologram, speakers, microphone

This work was done in response to a series of Taino genesis stories I read which were preserved and translated by Ramon Pane a Franciscan friar who was friendly to the local Taino population of PR. The tales are incredibly imaginative and seem to emphasize symmetry and reciprocity in matters of creationism and biological origins.
The first interactive piece I created it functioned as both an open and closed cicuit. The reflective holograph in the lid can only be viewed when a light is shined on it from above, and the light needs to be placed at the same exact angle of the laser that was used in the lab to expose the holograph. The light was conected not to an AC source but to the sound output of an amplifier. The amplifier was picking up sound from the microphone in front of the piece and from some pre-recorded faint sounds of seeds and drumskins. When sound from either this source or the viewer was picked up by the microphone it would output as light. the more sound, the more light, the clearer you could see the hologram.
The name Ritualizer was meant to reflect on this dichotomy of ritual as an elicitor of the uncanny in nature. The unacanny in this case is the holograph: a flat surface which is nonetheless physically tridimensional.

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